Ozzy Cool Boost Pocketed Spring Mattress
Ozzy Cool Boost Pocketed Spring Mattress
Ozzy Cool Boost Pocketed Spring Mattress
Ozzy Cool Boost Pocketed Spring Mattress
Ozzy Cool Boost Pocketed Spring Mattress
Ozzy Cool Boost Pocketed Spring Mattress Fabric

Ozzy Cool Boost Pocketed Spring Mattress

Single (190cm x 91cm x 28cm)

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The Ozzy Cool Boost features Ozzy Cool-Silk™ Technology Knitted Fabric (cool to the touch), Cool Gel Memory Foam with Orthopedic Pocketed Spring to keep sleepers supported and cool through the night. 

German Technology Flag: Germany on JoyPixels 6.0

Specially designed for the hot & humid weather in Singapore!  Flag: Singapore on JoyPixels 6.0

Key Features:

  • Ozzy Cool-Silk™ Technology Knitted Fabric
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam Euro Top
  • Orthopedic Pocketed Spring  
  • Enhance Side Support With Foam Encasement
  • Anti Dustmite
  • Anti Fungal
  • Anti Bacteria
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-flip mattresss

 Why Ozzy?


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Ozzy Cool Silk Mattress


Specially Designed for the Hot & Humid Weather in Singapore!

Ozzy Mattress Firmness Image


The Perfect Firmness


Extra Cooling Comfort

Ozzy Mattress Cooling Gel
Ozzy Mattress Pocketed Spring


Enhance Side Support

Ozzy Mattress Firmness Guide Chart

Comfort Level : Medium-Firm

Not too hard, not too soft. The perfect level of medium-firm alleviate the discomfort of bed sores by better distributing your body weight evenly with lesser stress being applied on your pressure points. This allow your body to get enough support while reaping the benefits of the top layer comfort foams.

Ozzy Internal Layer Design

Ozzy Mattress Layer Detail

1. Ozzy Cool-Silk™ Fabric

Made with the revolutionary Ozzy Cool-Silk™ Technology Knitted Fabric, giving you a cool to the touch feel and keep your body stay cool throughout your sleep. Protection against dust mites and bacteria.

2. Ozzy Cool Gel Memory Foam

Rapidly reduce mattress temperature while perfectly contouring to your body to provide perfect support, helping to reduce stress and relieve aches and pains.

3. High Density Support Layer

Optimum firmness support and weight distribution, reduce sinking and prolong the mattress life.

4. Individual Pocketed Spring

Proper back support and alignment with individual pocket spring support, to improve airflow and minimizes impact from partner movement guaranteeing motion isolation.

5. Anti-slip Padding

Prevent your mattress from moving/sliding off your bed.